Optics Packages

Parker BushWacker

  • 7 lbs mass weight

  • 150 lbs.

  • 11" power stroke

  • Width 23 3/8"

  • 285 f.p.s.

  • 32" length


Our Personal Favorite Kit

Includes: 12 Victory carbon arrows with brass inserts and field points. 6- G5 Striker broadheads, String Snot string wax, Quake Claw Contour  camo sling.

Arrowhead Favorite

Velocity: 380 FPS

Draw Weight: 260 lbs.

Power Stroke: 13.1"

Mass Weight: 5.9 lbs.

Overall Length: 35.6"

Arrow Length: 18"

Arrow Weight: 350 Grains

Stock Type: Ergo-Grip

Finish:  Realtree Xtra

Arrow speeds obtained using 350 grain arrow and standard Matrix string. 


Our lightest crossbow ever, the Shadow Ultra-Lite is fitted with the new lightweight 19.6" carbon-injected polymer barrel and 5.5 oz carbon injected polymer trigger housing. Inserted in the FSB stock is a rubber safety wings to help protect the thumb and finger from injury. Jet-black 11"  IsoTaper limbs, MRX cams, and D75 string and cables power the light but powerful Shadow Ultra-Llite crossbow. The 180 LBS XLT bow assembly measures only 13.5" axle-to-axle when cocked. Since it's only 34.4" long and 6.4 LBS this is by far the best combination of heavy-hitting and easy-to-handle crossbow on market.

Axle-Axle 17.5 Mass Weight 6.4 LBS Draw Weight 180 LBS Velocity 350 FPS

choose a cocking unit

2014 Venom: Light, Fast, Compact

Stunningly compact and fast, this new high-performance machine sports the ever so popular FSB stock. a shorter 19.9" woven carbon fiber barrell, and supercharged XLT bow assembly. The Venom comes with DynaFLIGHT 97 string, cables with a hard yoke system, and new HE2 Cams. The 185-pound bow assembly fires bolts at 372 FPS. The Venom weighs in at 6.5 pounds and 13.25" axle-to-axle when cocked. The size and weight make it ideal for hunters needing something light and compact but blazing fast.

Axle-Axle 17.6"/13.3" Mass Weight 6.5 LBS Draw Weight 185 LBS Velocity 372 FPS

choose a cocking unit

Draw Weight: 130 lbs

Ft. lbs of Energy: 80

Power Stroke 12.5"

FPS: 300

Mass Weight: 6.2 lbs

Length: 34.25"

Width: 18"

Arrow Lgth./Grain 20"/400

2014 Barnett Crossbow Package

Anti Dry Fire

Metal Injected Molded

7/8" Picatinny rail

Finger reminders

Allows for integration of a crank cocking device

High definition camo

Package Includes:

4x32 Scope

3- 20" Arrows


Rope Cocking Device

Power Stroke: 12.5"

IBO Speed: 330 fps

Kinetic Energy: 91 ft. lbs.

Draw Weight: 150 lbs.

Mass Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Color: Camo

Arrow Lgth./Grain 20"/400

Scope Packages

Barnett Vengeance

Color: Black Carbon or Camo

Power Stroke: (in): 18

IBO Speed: (FPS): 365

Length: (in): 34.75

Width: (Axle to Axle): 24

Peak Draw Weight: (lbs): 165

Weight: (lbs): 8.00

Scope Packages
Scope Packages

Patented Reverse Draw Technology

Kempf Tech Trigger Assembly (Pat Pending)

Anti-dry Fire

MIM Trigger Components

Manual Safety

Forged Riser

Barnsdale Laminated Limbs

Titanium Fasteners

Folding Stock

Vented Barrel

Vented Stock

MIL spec Type III Anodized

Perfect Balance

Quietest Shooting

Base Model Includes:

String stops

Scope rail

sling studs

sled cocker

Packages also include:

Optic of your choice



Sling Studs

Sled Cocker

String Stops

Tip Tamer

4 Arrows

Color: Black or Camo

IBO Speed: (FPS): 365

Length: (in): 34.75

Un-Cocked Width: (Axle to Axle): 19 5/8"

Cocked Width: (Axle to Axle): 12 7/8"

Peak Draw Weight: (lbs): 150

Weight: (lbs): 7.9

Scorypd Ventilator


Horton Crossbows